Christmas Cards

Here are some shots of Christmas cards I printed this year.

This card was printed on Crane's Lettra 110lb. cotton paper in a navy blue and a lighter blue. I printed the lighter blue first, but in retrospect I should've made the lighter blue even lighter because I think it makes the text a bit more difficult to read. Minor detail, really!

My favorite part (besides the cuties in the photo) was the envelopes. I made a little box for the addresses and you'll also notice that the snowflake design spills over onto the flap where the return address is.

And lastly, I actually printed my logo on the back of the card, which I rarely do. With letterpress, you have to be careful when printing on both sides. If you want a really deep impression, which is what everyone seems to want now, it will sort of "punch" through to the back side. I found a good balance with this card where I felt that I got a good impression and was still able to print that small logo on the back.

Overall, I love the way these turned out. Very crisp!